Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Irritable and grumpy

Work has been very busy lately and I have worked more weekends this year than in the past two years. I am grateful that my jobs doesn't keep me late every night and I have my weekends free most of the time.

I am excited about getting married on April 8th, 2006!!! I am however stressed out about wedding plans. My fiance really has put in all the hard work, but I am just not relaxed yet with all the plans. Michelle (my fiance) assures me that everything is perfect and we are worry free. I haven't quite yet jumped on that wagon. I just don't feel like I'm in control yet (being a control freak, this is very important).

Onto another subject;
I have now achieved level 57 with my mage and really starting to get my geek on!! I am cranking him through AV runs like a mad man. My buddy Chewie has already hit level 7 and bought some very cool stuff in AV, I am drooling over some of the gear. Our outings have been fun, my computer however is not participating very well. I keep overheating and locking up or shutting down. I can't upgrade because I bought myself into an outdated architecture that doesn't have processors available for it any longer. AhhGG!!

Next post: Mexican Chilito's in the sun

Friday, January 13, 2006

The One Fez Crew

A month or two ago, one of our buddies Chuck a.k.a."Lunchbox" found this great character creation site. So Everyone created charactures of different people. I thought I'd share these images. Below is the "The One Fez" crew.

Chewie: Heffe:

Fez: Lunchbox:


Missing my 24" monitor

I have now had my spanking new Dell 24" Ultrasharp Widescreen for now two weeks... I think I have gotten to play WoW on it a grand total of 5 times!! This weekend should give me more of an opportunity to play, which shall be a welcomed change from all of the holiday madness.

In my limited time on it, I have concluded that it is time for a small system upgrade. I think a RAM and Processor increase will do the trick, but unfortunately this also involves a motherboard change out and then a new video card, as mine is AGP and the processors I want use boards that only support PCI E. So... that put my upgrade sometime late spring since my cost to upgrades doubles.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Poppin my cherry

I figure I can give my friends a break and talk (write) to the computer and post my thoughts and leave my friends alone for a spell. Ask any of them and they would tell you I have a serious gift for gab.

Being my first post, I am going to make this short so I can continue formating the page.